Raoul Schrott

–translated by Evan Jones


yesterday at noon thin cypress shadows raking
the sun over the hills you ascended the stairs
at the house passing me with fewer than no words
and in the way your hair moved I noticed
sensed that something was different
there was only one look I expected nothing
and followed you – your sandals in the hallway
where you slipped out of your dress and were calm
your leather purse on the tile – I didn’t
bend myself down to it but instead
pushed the door to the shower open slowly – you sang out
in a shrill falsetto and I stared at you how you
over my back small
hands over blushing breasts then
knew you’d been with another man
that you stood more naked than I or the world
would ever find you your hair dripping water
onto your clavicles and wrapping
itself round you like a net – speak say what you have to say
that I while hunting
for the same had surprised you and cut out
my tongue – your fingers flicked water at me hard
like rain in the face and I sank to my heels
truth a broken mirror
shame an invisible wound
hounds panting in the grass below clawed at each other
their barking such that it fed itself into the heat