Lesley Wheeler

Linebacker Bride, the Movie

The lead must credibly play pro football
as she plans her Cinderella nuptials.
Imagine the applicants, a lane of elms.
Their breasts touch far above, form a canopy,
fabric softener wafting from their jerseys.
Their vague leaves jostle as they murmur
after you, no, after you with glossy
lips. A spectacle of gentleness.

Nobody loves a giant bitch. Hollywood
loves my dream-pitch, the bulked-up kitchen-servant,
mild in her envy, fierce on the gridiron. Let
the mice start lacing up her gown. Let the larks
arrange her braids to match the angled swipes
of grease-paint. Look at her swaying, snow-capped, wistful.
Every girl deserves to put aside her power,
to hunch her shoulders in. To act pretty.