Raoul Schrott

–translated by Evan Jones

Pulchra et Luna

relief of the moon – back of the hand the skin’s
creases and crevices tightening at the ball – wrinkles
of an apple drying in the sun dark moles
of the peel or the mare shattered milkily
on a glassball as an echo from selfsame actions
and causes – in light descending diagonally
one perceives the space of things from outlines even
markings sunken on the surface
blueprints like narrow scars something resting in a field
a depth then in which the casting is still preserved
hollowed and arched outwards from the inside – fingers
clutching onto the edge the concave of peels
the chaldera of this crater a sequence of colours and shadows
lending them space – the gaze ultimately higher
at one with itself as from the corner of the eye – at the ridge
the sky widened round – and with every degree
inscribing time in its gliding over concrete
light see how it amounts to these notions
of night and day to distortions on its own horizon
buildable things in the language of a poem