Trina Gaynon

Untitled [Portrait of Ross in L. A.]

". . . I need the public to complete the work. I ask the
public to help me, to take responsibility, to become
part of my work to join in. . . ."

                                                                             --Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Ross           +           Felix           =           A plot big enough for both of them, end to end,
                                                                covered in hard candies= their combined weights
                                                                each wrapped: silver foil, jewel-toned cellophane
ashes, ashes                        and still                          you can leave behind barrows of candy
daily refills
bittersweet wafers for the tongues of the living

". . . leaving a mark that I existed. . . ."

Each word is its own weight. Its weight in a line. Its weight in its place in the line.
Its weight against white space. Its weight in massed text.