Stevie Howell

Or else

To the free FELONS who run your facility,
You don’t have to get mad, just because I KNOW she’s in your institution. Listen.
She goes by 3 names at least. Some new ones, no doubt.
If she’s alive at all, she’s locked up in there. She’s completely certified crazy.
She lived with me in my room at the Roycroft, in ’83 or thereabouts.
She did drugs but I didn’t, it’s dirty. Of course, she promised me rent, but the only payment I
got was she stole and I want it back. Your rules and secrecy
AIDS and abets killers and thieves, so unless you want to keep breaking the LAW,
you are required to tell me if she’s there, and let me in to see her ASAP. It was
an elaborate scheme for sure, and I still don’t know whose idea it was
to let a kid bury my car for school credit, but I’m working on it.
She took my “Cash for Life” $1000 winning ticket from 1983
and my 1970s penintanguishing uniform with red stripes,
my gold coins, and anything she’s got that says “GW”--that’s mine.
You probably saw her with them, or confiscated them for yourselves, which means you are in
possession of stolen property. You can check, be my guest:
there are no warrants or restraints on me, so go ahead!! Call the cops and try and jail me up for
asking! Those things don’t exist anyway.

ignore me,
or else
I’ll be
gas that
puts you
to sleep.